Ad Serving Integration

NEWSCYCLE Solutions' Ad Serving delivers the first end-to-end platform for ad booking, serving, targeting, reporting and billing — giving you a complete software solution for online advertising.

With Newscycle Ad Serving you can track all your online advertising statistics so if an ad is underperforming, optimizations can be made. You can even track online ads against print ads to measure how an ad performs across channels.

Diversify your media company’s product offering by bundling digital campaigns with print and broadcast ads. Performance information is kept in the same system so it can be monitored simultaneously and you’re never left wondering which medium is performing the best.

Newscycle Ad Serving gives you the tools to manage your billing operation from within the Newscycle Advertising platform, so you no longer have to wait for third-party auditing systems to pass along accurate billing counts. You will be able to target ads based on demographics, geography and contextually relevant content — raising the likelihood that ads will be seen by people who are most likely to buy. The level of targeting can be set on an ad-by-ad basis. This granularity allows the most flexibility to match and deliver an advertiser’s message to precisely the right visitors on your website.

Ad Serving Systems currently supported through ASI include:

  • DFP
  • AdToma
  • AdTech
  • AdGear
  • Emediate
  • OpenX
  • OAS
  • Adswizz
  • AdOcean


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