Increase speed to revenue with faster, more intuitive, reliable proposals built in seconds.

Digital marketers only need a few key pieces of information to build a custom proposal for their clients from our recommendation engine,

Our proprietary algorithms and forecasting sources built into our recommendation engine provide accurate reach projections and product blend suggestions specific to your client’s industry, audience, location, and goals.

Our application pulls in audience based forecasting data from 3rd parties like Google and our Demand Side Platform (DSP) to generate a custom industry specific proposal tied to an advertiser’s specific campaign goals and objectives. is an agency quality proposal generation tool white labeled to your brand.


Introducing Adcellerant
Introducing Adcellerant
Proposals Marketing Training
Proposals Marketing Training

The sales process, in its simplest form, consists of translating an advertisers needs into a proposal or a media plan.  The problem is most sales people lack the digital acumen to put together an accurate proposal or media plan based on industry, geo, and campaign objective.  The result is lost sales or campaigns that fail miserably.

A sales person or media planner can pull up, enter a few key pieces of information:

  • Advertisers URL
  • Competitor URLs
  • Geographic Target
  • Advertisers Industry
  • Campaign Objective
  • Customer Demographics automatically builds a proposal by pulling custom audience forecasting data from several 3rd parties like Google and demand side platforms.  The result is a custom industry specific proposal tied to an advertiser’s goals and objectives. simplifies the sales process and will also help manage your digital business.

  • Custom Proposal White-Labeled with your Logo
  • Marketing Materials for every Product
  • Track Sales Pipeline
  • Track Closing Percentage by Sales Person
  • Track Campaign Profitability

Answers to Common Questions:

How do I find the proposal I started?

A proposal must be executed to be visible in the list. If your configuration did not load the edit page, then it will not have been saved and you must start over. Otherwise all proposals are sortable by either Created Date or Submitter and that should help you find it. Alternatively you may Ctrl+F to utilize your browser’s Find function.

I am getting an error when trying to submit a new proposal, why?

The most common error experienced has to do with URL entry. Please be sure you are copying the URL directly from your browser’s URL bar and that no tracking parameters are present. Do not click on an ad to navigate to the page, navigate directly.

The second most common error has to do with improperly formatted ZIP codes. Be sure that complete ZIP codes are provided and that your Excel copy>paste does include the first digit if starting with zero.

The available budget returned seems really low, why?

The most common reason for this is the keywords being returned from the site which you can verify by viewing the keywords and associated volume. Be sure you are selecting sites with a lot of formatted text (selectable). The second thing to look at is your desired geo. Keep in mind that estimates are weighted heavily by the population of a given location, be sure your desired geo is as inclusive as possible.

Why don’t the data elements match the campaign?

The recommended data elements are based on the keywords returned from the sites entered and then scored by unique users and relevancy of each. This is a continual refinement process so be sure to submit examples to Otherwise try using different sites to return better keyword examples for the data elements to pull from. Alternatively you may remove and add new elements.

Can I add my company’s owned and operated inventory to this?

Yes, you may use the “Custom Products” section to schedule any internal digital or traditional products. The fields are freeform so you may enter any values you would like. Do keep in mind that it will not affect the recommended budget provided upon addition, will be presented in addition to the existing suite of products.

Why do I have to enter competitor sites?

The recommended reach and targets are returned from the keywords determined by Google crawlers on the sites entered. Sometimes a site can be image heavy and not have enough text to determine a robust keyword set. The more sites you enter with more crawlable text, the more likelihood of a match and a higher volume of returns.

My intended customer isn’t available so how do I create a proposal?

The customer field is determined by existing customers currently entered. To create a new customer enter the field and scroll to the bottom of the list and select “Create a New Customer”. Only do this if you have searched for every possible way your client could have been named as you will not be able to access data associated to an existing customer if you create a new one.

Why doesn’t my custom keyword entry work like I want it to?

There are a couple of limitations of the custom keyword returns for data elements. The system can have a tough time resolving keywords less than three characters and keywords that return extremely low volume results. Both can result in either outright exclusion or be a cause of inconsistent/irrelevant recommended targets.

What do I do if I experience a bug or a feature does not function as expected?

Log all details of the experience in the bug submission form, providing as much detail as possible including customer, date created, URLs used, and a description of the problem:

How do I preview my HTML5 creative files?

Currently there are 4 ways a user can preview their creative; 1) Within the platform through the proofing process 2) Within the platform by selecting "Send Link via Email" upon creation 3) Within the proposal by choosing "Print→Creatives" 4) Use third party tools; Google Adwords validation tool here: (errors will be displayed that can be ignored, due to custom display vs. search configuration within the html5)