Circulation API

The NEWSCYCLE Solutions Circulation API provides a programmable interface to some of the customer service features of Newscycle Circulation. The Circulation API allows access to address, occupant, and subscription information and the ability to start a subscription.

The Circulation API can be integrated with other Newscycle products to enable the use of tablet and mobile devices to view paid, online content. Typically, a free application (i.e., "app") is made available, which allow users to access their online publication. A metered paywall can be used to limit the amount of free content provided, after which a customer will be asked to start a subscription to continue reading.


NCS Circulation

  • The Circulation API can access Address, Occupant, Subscription Information, and Available Campaigns/Offers/Rates

The Circulation API allows access to:

  • Address
  • Occupant
  • Subscription Information
  • Available Campaigns / Offers / Rates

The Circulation API gives the ability to:

  • Start a Subscription
  • Start a Day Pass or Bundled Day Pass
  • Switch to a Combo
  • Change Delivery Frequency
  • Make a Payment
  • Create a Task
  • Sign up for Auto-Pay
  • Add an Occupant
  • Add an Address
  • Update Communication Preferences / Newsletter opt-in and opt-out
  • Update Address details
  • Update Occupant details
Pricing Terms & Conditions: 

10% of initial cost will be charged as a recurring maintenance fee