CrowdRise is the world’s largest and fastest growing online platform dedicated exclusively to charitable fundraising.

The CrowdRise Charity Widget allows your content creators to turn any article into a mechanism for social action via an embeddable and customizable donation widget. Readers simply click the donate button in your article to quickly and easily give to the cause.

The CrowdRise platform tracks your readers’ overall charitable impact and aligns fundraising with your content.


As the fundraising platform for Huffington Post, CNN, The Dodo, RYOT, Take Part, NowThis, Viacom among others, CrowdRise helps connect content to meaningful action. 

With CrowdRise, you can:

  •  Generate trackable, meaningful social impact of your community — all at no cost and virtually no bandwidth for you
  •  Engage your existing audience around impact
  •  Create a natural network effect that drives new, cause-oriented consumers to your content
  •  Inspire your community to create huge impact 
  •  Track your news brand's charitable impact.
  •  Collect data to share with advertisers, stakeholders and your audience as your impact grows. You keep all the donor data, so you can communicate with your readers when they make donations.
  •  Fully customize the button using CSS to match your site’s layout, brand colors and styling.


With CrowdRise, you’ll get:

  • A fully branded microsite on CrowdRise, where you can easily generate fundraisers aligned with your content.
  • A custom landing page that includes the charities or individual fundraisers you have selected and the amounts raised over time.
  • A rapid response team at CrowdRise ready to help you generate and identify causes around breaking news, disaster relief efforts and more.
  • An account manager to help create campaigns and challenges around your brand's events, anniversaries or as part of a series with a charitable call-to-action.


CrowdRise is the only fundraising platform that focuses on building partnerships within the technology, media and corporate sectors to catapult fundraising efforts and ignite change amongst these communities.



What is a charity donation widget?

A widget is a snippet of code that can be added to your site that allows people to donate directly to your CrowdRise fundraising page without having to leave your site.


When should I use a widget?

Great question. Short answer: as much as humanly possible. Long answer: You can spin up a widget to benefit either a US based 501c3 charity or you can set up a fundraiser linked to an individual’s bank account to raise money to help a personal cause. For instance, you can raise funds for someone who had a house fire, to assist in educational costs or for medical bills.  Widgets can appear on a series for a specific cause, if you were to cover a story that mentions a nonprofit, or if you’ve got an article about a natural disaster and want to drive readers to donate to organizations supporting disaster relief. And lots and lots of other things. Try us.


What happens to the donations?

Donations are processed by either Network for Good or WePay. Both are PCI Level 1 (that's the best), secure credit card processing services. WePay sends funds to charities and individuals in real time. Network for Good is just for charities and sends payments on the 15th of each month that include all donations made in the previous month. CrowdRise never touches the money.


Why use CrowdRise?

CrowdRise is the most modern, easy-to-use and fun charitable platform out there. It's designed to help you create the most compelling and successful fundraiser for any cause for good that you can think of. Sorry for ending that last sentence with a preposition.


How do I get started?

To get set up, just email and the CrowdRise team will walk you through the process. It will be so easy you won’t even believe it.


Why are there so many kinds of yogurt?

Such a great question and we don't know. But anyone who tells you it's a fad hasn't done their yogurt selection research. Soon there will be stores that just sell yogurt and you'll be able to get yogurt on tap. Gonna be so great.

Pricing Terms & Conditions: 

It's totally free to partner with CrowdRise and use the charity donation widget. There are no upfront fees, setup fees or other fees you’ll incur as a publisher. CrowdRise takes a small processing fee on donations. 


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