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Increase Revenue with Video

The Easiest Way to Publish Your Video Online

Everything you need to increase revenue with video—including flexible advertising, one-click publishing, high-quality video players, mobile & OTT features, revenue networks and video analytics.

Your End-to-End Online Video Platform

Upload your video from your mobile device or web browser. Edit, distribute, and monetize your video on our award-winning cloud video platform. Streamline the creation and distribution of video clips, and deliver the most robust monetization opportunities for all of your video content.

How Syndicaster Works

Syndicaster is the end-to-end video services platform licensed by more than 300 local TV affiliates (over 25% of U.S. network affiliates) and newspapers to manage video uploads, cloud editing, and publishing for generating revenue online.

Tutorial Playlist
Tutorial Playlist

Single Sign-On

Upon a NEWCYCLE user logging into to the CMS, the Newspaper client will see the Syndicaster TAB on the top Nav Bar.

Real-time access to video being sent in by reporters

When a user clicks on the Syndicaster button, the newspaper’s Syndicaster platform loads in the browser within the NEWSCYCLE CMS – immediately showing all video that has been uploaded from the field by their reporters

Cloud Editing of Video & Meta Data optimization from within your NewsCycle CMS

User can immediately click on a video, review it, edit it, title it, ad tag it, geo tag it, thumbnail it, assign it to a Story ID


Connect any HD-SDI video feed (from newsroom systems, over-the-air broadcasts, digital cameras, etc.) or any IP video (from live streams, webcasts, etc.) to the Syndicaster appliance and instantly go live, presenting video to your online audiences across all digital platforms – web, mobile and connected TVs. Your broadcast content is available for a minimum of 30 days.


Add video segments or edited clips to the Syndicaster platform via widgets or FTP. Embeddable widgets allow users to curate brand or user-generated content or upload anywhere from any web-enabled device. Quickly and easily upload video from mobile phones to Syndicaster using our iOS or Android apps.

Pricing Terms & Conditions: 








24x7 Support





Storage for Syndication* Partners/GB








Ad Serving




Note: *Storage for non-syndication partners is charged at $0.50/GB



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