InSight / Analytics

NEWSCYCLE Solutions' Analytics is a business intelligence system that helps you manage and use Newscycle Circulation data to increase revenue and improve customer service. It gives you instant access to a wealth of circulation information you can analyze in a variety of ways.

Manage and use circulation data to increase revenue

Maximize retail sales potential

By thoroughly analyzing sales and return activity at the outlet level, you can quickly identify locations that underperform and locations that continually sell out. The tools provide suggested supply alterations that will reduce sellouts and excessive returns and optimize your retail sales potential.

Easily identify your most effective campaign offers

Identify which offers have the highest retention and why. Understand which offers are best suited for each sales channel as well as the geographic markets that respond more favorably. Stop using your marketing budget on offers and geographic areas that don't produce positive results.

Increase productivity across the board

With information at your fingertips, you can easily explore your data and spot trends to make more informed business decisions.