Integrated Mobile Application

We offer an affordable, simple and powerful mobile application specifically designed for newspapers. Our iOS and Android apps are a great way to avoid huge costs and endless go-to-market delays.

You don't have to turn your world upside down to have your own iOS and Android apps. Our solution can be integrated and all of the processes automated.

With Virtual Paper's mobile apps, our clients, such as Capitales Medias, are able to:

  • Generate sustainable new revenues and a true ROI
  • Increase their reach and attract new readers
  • Improve reader's experience and content discovery
  • Develop a better marketing strategy with the additional information about their subscribers usage patterns

Virtual Paper’s mobile application is available on iOS, Android and is functional on smartphones and tablets. The layout templates are responsive and interactive which makes news and digital ad placements perfectly displayable on any devices.

Go to App Store or Google Play store today and try our fully integrated mobile application: LeSoleil by Capitales Medias

Pricing Terms & Conditions: 

Setup fees:

  • Based on your content source in the ecosystem (CMS, Website, Social Media, etc.). Therefore, we develop API and connectors in order to automate all of the processes.
  • Depending on the editor’s design preferences for your brand and for the advertising placement.

Monthly license fees:

  • Based on application’s traffic.
  • iOS and Android updates and maintenance
  • Support Monday to Friday 9am to 5 pm Eastern time.