iServices Distribution

NEWSCYCLE Solutions' iServices Distribution is a web-based interface that enables carriers, agents, distributors, district managers and remote employees to:

  • View charges and payments.
  • View routes and draw information.
  • View route messages.
  • Enter draw changes and single copy returns.
  • Enter shortages and overages.
  • Use email to contact district managers and others.
  • View, save and print route-related documents.

iServices Distribution is integrated with NEWSCYCLE Circulation, so both contractors and employees can have easy access to up-to-date information and the ability to perform some distribution-related tasks online.

iServices Distribution is available for both carriers and district managers.

Accounts can view routes and related draw information as well as enter and submit draw changes or returns if allowed by the newspaper.

The ability to make payments in full or partial payments is also available. Tokenization and Hosted Order Page is available to meet PCI Compliance requirements.

Carriers are able to change their Route Walk Sequence and print their delivery route directly from the web. Applicable reports are also available for carriers/accounts to print as necessary once the reports have been generated and saved by the newspaper.



By bettyramey4 on
i need to get sign in to this systems so i can get my route list set up. also my pay stubs taken care of