MediaLink Tabs provide details about many facets of the order

Plugins give the artist the ability select an ad and open it for editing in InDesign or Photoshop

Once the ad is opened in InDesign or Photoshop, floating palettes are available with MediaLink specific options


NEWSCYCLE Solutions' MediaLink is the integrated ad tracking system built for Newscycle Advertising. The application is used by your artists to track the ads and the components that they will be working on and which will end up being printed in your publication or served on your website.

Users can search for the ads to be produced. Ad content may be edited directly in InDesign or Photoshop. Once the ad is completed, the customer can proof the ad electronically.

MediaLink Tabs 

The order info tab at the bottom has information about the order, including order number, ad type, size, production method, current status, notes from sales, etc

Once you have selected an ad to work on, you will right click and select “Start Ad.”  This will create an ad folder for this ad in your folder structure that was set up in the MediaLink Setup application. It will also open up your chosen design application (InDesign or Quark) with a blank document that is pre-set to the size of the ad you are building. Depending on your setup, your ad will likely now be in a status of “In Progress” (or something similar) and it will be assigned to you. This lets others in your production group know at a glance that you are currently working on that ad.

Camera Ready Ads

Camera Ready ads can optionally be handled automatically by the system. An ad would normally be booked in AdBooker, but with MediaLink, when the camera ready artwork becomes available, the file can be renamed with the ad number and dropped into a MediaLink Camera Ready watch folder.  The MediaLink Camera Ready service would then pickup the ad from the folder, preflight it if you have set it up to do that, and then process the ad through to “finished” status.  As long as the artwork passes preflight, no artist intervention is necessary. However, it is also possible to set a status for camera-ready ads to be reviewed.