OLIVads: Olive’s national advertising program leveraging the scale of our publisher partners’ audience with national advertisers and retailers.

Content Recommendation: Only Olive can bring you this passive revenue opportunity with the added benefit of better serving your audience.

OLIVnet: Publishers have significant content repositories that are not being fully leveraged. Olive is building new capabilities to help publishers unlock the hidden value of that content.

Multiple Mobile Options: While ODN is a mobile adaptive application, some publishers may choose to further optimize support for their audience with dedicated mobile applications.


Olive Dynamic Newsstand

The Future of eEdition – Olive Dynamic Newsstand (ODN)

Based on a powerful and flexible HTML 5 platform, ODN delivers a consistent experience adapting across all HTML 5 compatible browsers and devices. Phones, tablets and beyond; ODN is designed to adapt to the emerging layouts required by the ever-adapting audience of publishers.

ODN brings even more customization options and a wealth of new features that will enable publishers to more deeply extend their publications’ content experiences and provides monetization opportunities which were never available before in their eEdition.

Olive Dynamic Newsstand Page Navigation
Olive Dynamic Newsstand Page Navigation
DP Replica Edition Overview
DP Replica Edition Overview
Olive SmartLayers webinar
Olive SmartLayers webinar


With ever changing print production schedules and increasing expense of printing and distributing physical copies, eEdition is more strategic than ever. A cornerstone to every circulation and audience strategy, eEdition allows greater reach for your most curated and refined presentation format.

With Olive’s ODN platform we take that content further than ever before. Subscriber satisfaction and adoption is driven by many factors. According to subscriber surveys conducted by Olive’s customers, ease of use is always at the top. More recently, social media integration, inclusion of video clips, commenting, availability across mobile devices, and automatic notification of favorite topics have become favorite subscriber features. New audiences and new business models drive circulation expansion and revitalization and ODN has the capability and flexibility to be the cornerstone of your eEdition strategy.


Subscription revenue is certainly important, but the name of the game is advertising revenue. Where print continues to vie with a host of new competitors for the advertising dollar—free news websites, blogs—ODN can cost-effectively level the playing field with its flexible packaging such as the inclusion of banner ads, embedded video ads, and customized advertising insert advertising options.

Beyond just the traditional capabilities of the platform, Olive offers multiple passive monetization programs to provide consistent revenues with minimal risk and effort. These options can happily co-exist or even compliment your team’s direct sales efforts.


In this day and age of decreasing print revenues and shrinking subscriber bases, budgets are more constrained than ever. Savings are not only desired, they’re required. By offering the best of breed eEdition of their newspaper, publishers can take advantage of significant cost-saving benefits:

  • Reduce distribution and mailing costs
  • Cross platform support capabilities eliminates the need for platform specific applications
  • Reduce production costs – less paper and less ink yet more audience
  • Eliminate employee copies – provide your eEdition at NO additional cost
  • Vacation starts/stops – there’s no need to stop delivery and readers can catch up any time
  • Eliminate print delivery complaints – no more soggy papers and missed porches


Turn website visitors into BPA and AAM-audited subscribers that can be tracked and validated. Arguably your most valuable and engaged audience on any platform, the ODN enables valuable readership analytics and data collection such as demographics, interests, session and reading behaviors; unique visitors, and any other behavior your analytics can track and record. Or choose to use our analytics offering. This information can be used by the advertising sales staff to sell/up-sell advertising; by circulation managers to understand reader demographics; by editors to determine which topics are popular and trending or by advertisers to understand the performance of their investment. Tracking information also further enables the publisher to determine which subscription-based, third party content—games, columns, entertainment—is popular and merits ongoing investment.



Just like our Flash-based APD product, ODN turns static newspapers into dynamic, rich content that can be searched, socially shared and enriched to drive reader engagement. Olive’s core technology platform enables your content by atomizing and tagging newspaper content to an unprecedented level of granularity. With such deep structure and context, the Olive platform delivers a highly relevant search experience that’s second to none.


  • Compatible with any HTML 5 based browser
  • Rich text, photo and ad searching
  • Support for video, audio, slideshows, infographics and myriad other interactive enrichment elements
  • Powerful PDF download and cropping tools for coupon clipping and printing off favorite crosswords and puzzle games
  • Enhanced Social media sharing capabilities for articles and ads to socially enable your content
  • Active and passive monitization opportunities built right in
  • Hyperlink processing to click enable print ads
  • Portable access to your publications on any device
  • Multilingual translation capability
  • Text-to-Speech capabilities available
  • ePub download available