Access your content

The NEWSCYCLE Solutions Online Web Service (OWS) is a RESTful web service for accessing the content of the Newscycle Digital CMS. The service exposes a set of resources, which you can interact with via standard HTTP(S) and XML. This document describes the resources and their supported methods, and provides documentation and examples of the XML format used.

Flexible Integration

While the Newscycle Digital edit Interface provides a perfectly capable environment for interacting with and administering the Newscycle Digital CMS for end users, with the web service you have the option to roll out your own administration client and integrate Online CMS with virtually anything.

Gain independence

The Online Web Service (OWS) provides you with the independence and flexibility to create applications that fit your needs.

  • Import content in to your database
  • Export content from the database
  • Execute scripts
  • Access to Solr search
  • Easier integration with 3rd party tools

Access your content

With OWS, you have access to Stories, Galleries and CCE Objects, including meta data. Once OWS is enabled, you can run pre and post save scripts directly from the edit interface, enabling you to modify the content of the XML before saving content to the database. Here are just a few of the things you can do using OWS:

  • Browse and search the asset archive and get or update asset details and binary
  • Get a list of categories, profiles, or taxonomy words in a site, which can be used in content searches
  • List all users, both edit users and registered users
  • Browse and search stories
  • Create, update and delete stories, including images and linked assets
  • Access story comments


The Online Web Service uses standard Basic Authentication and supports using your Newscycle Digital edit user credentials. Registered users can have limited access to the functionality in the web service, allowing them to submit content through the service.

The Online Web Service is deployed on the edit site of your Newscycle Digital CMS so if you are logged in to the edit interface in your browser, the service detects your session and overrides the basic authentication supplied in the current browser session.

Pricing Terms & Conditions: 

Choose to pay monthly or yearly at 15% of the base price.