Payway Complete® by Edgil

Payway Complete®, by Edgil, is a robust, cost-effective payment solution that lets you focus on driving your business rather than being distracted by payment processing.


The Payway Complete system is a trusted, cloud-based gateway that provides circulation and advertising systems with a single interface to all payment processors, including Visa®, MasterCard® and direct to American Express®. The Payway Complete cloud-based service saves you money by eliminating the need for required hardware, reducing exposure from system back-ups and minimizing the need to monitor PCI compliance.


The solution offers a full suite of features that include:


  • Simple pricing with no set-up fees, tokenization storage fees or batch fees
  • Per transaction charges that are 20% below well-known competitors
  • PCI compliant certification
  • Automated Level III Processing
  • Account Updater
  • A hosted payment page with tokenization that reduces risk because credit card information is stored in the Payway Complete Data Vault and not on your systems
  • A seamless interface in your work environment for real-time response from any system to any credit network via the payment gateway
  • ACH payments
  • Freedom to choose your preferred merchant provider or opt for an integrated solution with Payway Complete’s merchant services
  • Point-2-Point Encryption (P2PE) capability that reduces risk and PCI DSS compliance requirements by encrypting cardholder data at the Point of Sale or Point of Entry 



Payway Complete gives you MORE:

  • Freedom to focus upon your core business instead of payment processing
  • Data Security through Token Technology
  • Choice of merchant providers
  • Cost savings through reliable pricing with no hidden fees
  • Powerful reporting tools for bank reconciliation and management reports

The Payway Complete solution means LESS:

  • PCI audit & certification requirements
  • Investment in data storage and protection technology
  • Time managing aged credit card accounts
  • Staff involved in payment processing



At Payway Complete, we know that recurring payments and expired credit cards don't mix, which is why we offer Account Updater. It is designed to relieve the headache caused by having to manually update credit card data.


We routinely query the Visa/MasterCard systems to obtain updated expiration dates, account numbers, and open/closed account status, then apply the new information to the Payway Complete vault.


Account Updater eliminates the time-consuming process of manually updating account numbers and expiration dates. No matter how long it’s been since you acquired a customer, you can rest easy knowing that the Payway Complete vault contains the most accurate card data to expedite invoicing and secure your receivables. 



Q. What is Payway Complete?

A. Payway Complete is a trusted, cloud-based gateway that provides merchants with a single interface to all major payment processors and provides a connection between your Newscycle system and your processor. This solution offers complete support through a fast and secure network. By using a cloud-based service, you save money by eliminating the need for hardware, reducing exposure from system back-ups, and minimizing the need to monitor PCI compliance.



Q. I am familiar with Edgil and its gateway, Payway. Is Payway Complete affiliated with Edgil?

A. Yes, although our legal name is still Edgil Associates, Inc., we are now doing business as Payway Complete. Why the change? It’s quite simple really. While we are very thankful for all of our loyal customers that have been with us since 1984, we are also seeking opportunities for growth. The team at Payway Complete, by Edgil, feels that it is a natural progression to expand into other markets which operate subscription-based business models. Although we are well-known as a card payment processing company within the newspaper and media world, the name, Edgil, doesn’t effectively communicate our primary service offering. The new Payway Complete brand is designed to better communicate our payment gateway and merchant account expertise to those that may not know us.



Q. Is Payway Complete PCI compliant?

A. Yes, Payway Complete is a certified gateway with Visa and MasterCard. The Payway Complete system encrypts cardholder data at the point of entry, with the hosted payment page eliminating all unencrypted data from the newspaper environment. If the credit networks are aware that a merchant is storing credit cards in a non-PCI environment, they may increase fees or even shut down the merchant. By moving to Payway Complete, the newspaper moves away from a premise-based credit card interface, which not only improves data security, but also removes the local system from PCI certification scope.



Q. How does Payway Complete integrate with Newscycle Solutions?

A. Newscycle transactions use the Payway Complete hosted payment page. The Newscycle system sends initial transactions to the Payway Complete payment gateway to be tokenized using the hosted payment page. The information is then entered into the hosted page, and the gateway returns a token to Newscycle to be stored for future recurring transactions. Recurring transactions are streamed from Newscycle to the hosted Payway Complete system, with the pre-designated token representing the credit card information. The token is a unique identifier that is only relevant to the Payway Complete gateway.



Q. What is involved with the conversion from my current payment processor?

A. Payway Complete has converted well over 100+ customers from various sources (e.g., Braintree, First Data and These conversions have included systems that have already been tokenized and systems with only the raw credit card data.

The steps to tokenize include:

  1. Get Existing Accounts and Tokens (if applicable): Coordinate with existing payment processor or system to provide an initial test file containing account information.
  2. Import accounts into the Payway Complete system: Run the Payway Complete task to import the accounts and generate a result file containing tokens.
  3. Update Newscycle system: Test import of the token mapping to the Newscycle system to replace old (Braintree) tokens with the new Payway Complete tokens.
  4. Validate Token Conversion: Test transactions using the new tokens and check proper routing of tokens to accounts in the Payway Complete environment.


Q. Am I required to get new merchants if I convert to Payway Complete?

A. No, you can continue to use your current merchants and end bank. However, if you choose to use one source for all your payment processing needs and wish to change merchants, Payway Complete offers merchants at extremely competitive pricing. Payway Complete is an independent sales organization of First Data and agent of CPAY.


Q. How is the customer support handled for Payway Complete?

A. Payway Complete specializes in integrating the needs of different systems, credit card processors, and client banks. We are committed to providing our customers with fast and efficient payment management through one central source. Our trained engineers and customer support team don’t just support Payway Complete, but also respond quickly to all payment processing questions. No matter where the question or problem originates—at the bank, at the credit network, or in the settlement process—we will work with you to reach a solution. 

Pricing Terms & Conditions: 

Payway Complete, by Edgil, provides one of the most cost-effective services in the industry. The costs include all the processing as the gateway between your systems and the credit network. There are no additional costs for tokenization of the system, storage of the data in the data vault, configuration or integration of the system, testing, and training. In addition, the payment gateway includes the cost-saving feature of Automated Level III. This allows the customer to get the best processing rates from Visa and MasterCard for all Purchasing and Corporate cards without any additional programming or information entry.


Payway Complete Payment Gateway

  • Setup Fee: No Charge
  • Monthly Base Fee: $25.00
  • Per Transaction Charge: $0.08
  • Initial Tokenization when Implementing: No Charge
  • Tokenization Storage Fee: No Charge
  • Batch Fee: No Charge




Switching to a single, central source for payment processing has never been easier. The Payway Complete team at Edgil has completed more than 100 conversions from various sources, including systems that are already tokenized and others with only raw credit card data:

  • Works with Newscycle Advertising and Newscycle Circulation to provide reliable payment processing.
  • Offers a gateway with the freedom to move from one merchant provider to another
  • Provides simple integration.
  • Offers full spectrum tech support. Wherever your problem lies – at the bank, at the credit network, or in the settlement process - we will work with you to resolve it. Simple and seamless indeed!


Our partner integrations have access to all the features and benefits of Payway Complete’s payment systems. In short… a seamless interface.


Integrates to:  Newscycle Circulation, CirculationPro, Newscycle Advertising, AdManagerPro, Digital Paymeter

Required Add-On from Newscycle:  Newscycle Hosted Order Page and Tokenization