Simple tools allow all experience levels to create events

Man creating an event on his computer

Keep track of all the details with Analytics and Reporting

Data on a computer screen showing event revenue

Turn your phone into a comprehensive Box Office to take and sell tickets

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Sell seats specifically designed to your venue

Screen showing a schematic with available seats to purchase

Create a new stream of transactional revenue

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A great event starts with an easy ticketing process

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Private Label Event Hosting, Ticketing & Box Office

Event Solutions Designed for Media Partners

TicketSauce gives media organizations a new way to grow revenue and collect first party data. Our software provides the tools to create and manage your own events, customize service fees, and even monetize clients' events in your local marketplace. Our nimble team is constantly improving, with client goals guiding the way.

Robust, Yet Simple Event Tools

Our ticketing software combines ease of use with the wide array of tools you need to manage events. Create beautiful events using templates, color customizers, and rich text editors. Design free and paid events, RSVPs, registrations, seating schematics, enter to wins, deals, coupons and more.

Events Showcasing Your Brand

We do the work, you get the credit. Private label platforms include your own URL, and branding on tickets, emails, and more. Chose to manage your own payment systems, or have TicketSauce manage and write you a check each month.

Fully Customizable
  • Rich text editors, photo & video galleries, beautiful themes & customization options, & an easy admin to do it all whether your a design pro or novice. 

Seating Schematics
  • Create a seating chart for your venue, and sell tickets for specific seats or manage booth sales with a customized booth layout.
Special Event Types
  • Password Protected, Waitlist, RSVP, Coupons, Deals, Offers, Registrations, Customer Vaidations and MORE!
Completely Responsive
  • Our mobile and tablet-friendly designs were created to look beautiful across all devices.
Easy Peasy
  • Our one page check-out doesn't require a login, making it fast & simple. Customers use mobile tickets or printable PDFs to gain entry to events.
Robust Support
  • Answers about building an event, promotion ideas, helping your customers with the sales process, and more!

NAA award recipient -

Trusted by Industry Leaders:

“TicketSauce has provided us with an incredible software solution for our ticketing and event needs. Their customized ticketing solution has given us the ability to have a robust product that resides under our look and feel. Their software has created additional revenue streams as well as increased our ability to capture first party data for future marketing and subscriber efforts. Media companies should be looking at additional sources of revenue and TicketSauce will help you achieve that goal. Overall, I would highly recommend TicketSauce to manage your ticketing and events.”
-- Haley Carlson, Tribune Publishing

“Our partnership allows us to create new revenue opportunities by working with local events and venues that aren't traditional advertisers. The conversations we've had with event organizers and venue operators have been nothing but positive.”
-- Sean Monzet, Digital Director, NBC

"By far the best ticketing service out there. Not only do they offer customizable options for your ticketing page, the customer service is unparalleled. We can't wait to on many more successful events!"
-- Amy Ulkutekin, Best Coast Beer Fest

"TicketSauce is the ideal partner for Pacific's events platform. Our easy-to-use white label ticketing platform increases our brand exposure in the marketplace while creating a new revenue stream for our business."
-- David Perloff, Publisher, Pacific San Diego Magazine

Pricing Terms & Conditions: 
  • Low monthly pricing ranging from $99/month -$499/month. 
  • Revenue share for all event service fees. 
  • You will make money using our event ticketing product.

Basic Integration exists between TicketSauce and Newscycle Circulation if Newscycle Listmatch is also licensed.

Event information can be setup and stored in Circulation as demographic data elements. A CSV file from TicketSauce can be imported with Listmatch to flag an occupant as having purchased tickets for an event.

Development work is underway to provide additional integration options with TicketSauce.  Check back for additional information.