The editor for digital channels provides all of the fields necessary for digital publishing. The TinyMCE-based text editor includes inline-note functionality and can be integrated with text proofing engines.

Stylesheets are available for formatting text for print, and the Copyfit function allows the user to measure a story against its allotted space.

Reporters and editors can filter lists of stories by channel, publication date and category, as well as stories created by or assigned to the user.

Responsive design allows reporters and editors to write, update and post stories to the web from any device.

Photos may be attached to stories from the Newscycle Content database or uploaded from the user’s device directly into Newscycle Content.

Print stories may also be previewed in a WYSIWYG format. Preview function requires Adobe InDesign Server.

Metadata fields for digital and print publishing are accessible in the Reporter Client.

Reporter Client

NEWSCYCLE Solutions' Reporter Client provides browser-based access to the Newscycle Content database and essential tools for reporters and editors.

Users can create, edit and publish stories to digital channels through the light browser interface. Users can also format text for print and see a WYSIWYG preview. Responsive design allows for ease of use on a variety of devices.

Create and manage social media posts directly from Reporter Client.

  • Post to many social channels at once
  • Link your social media post to your brand's content
  • Quickly determine where posts should be published

New Features and Benefits:

  • Responsive interface makes content creation possible on a tablet or smartphone
  • Preview your story on the print page with InDesign Server integration to ensure that your story fits the layout geometry
  • Write social media posts in story edit
    • Write different posts for different social media networks
    • Select which image will accompany posts
    • Posts are published upon story publication