A single white-label hosted order entry system lowers the cost of ownership by leveraging iPublishmedia’s solution across the entire enterprise.

iPublishmedia’s patent-pending publishing platform uses the world’s best technology to sell and publish any ad anywhere anytime.

A streamlined integrated process for programmatic campaigns providing publishers the flexibility to drive ad revenue in the pursuit of new ad initiatives.


Any Ad Anywhere Anytime ...

Enterprise Capability

We are uniquely positioned in the community publishing industry with one of the most powerful publishing solutions available. Use it to publish simple classified liners, full page real estate ads or double sided direct mail inserts. Those with a focus on digital advertising use the same system to publish rich media digital advertising.

Scalable Flexibility

Our e-commerce solution handles demanding peak-time loads across multiple markets for community publishing organizations. Our cloud-based architecture drives new revenue by providing a first-class enterprise level publishing and e-commerce solution for the cost of self-service.

Intuitive Experience

We consolidate ad operations across multiple markets with an easy-to-use print and digital advertising solution. Powered by Adobe InDesign and iPublishmedia’s Rich Media Servers, the world’s only cross media self-service platform, iPublish Adportal is an intuitive white label cloud-based solution.

White Label Solution

A white label solution Adportal has been licensed by hundreds of newspapers as their self-service platform.   iPublishmedia configures AdPortal to sell and publish; obituaries, classified private party, real estate, recruitment, autos, legal notices, celebration display and SMB Retail display ads.    A cloud based order entry system it offers the most intuitive end user experience which results in a higher closing rate for customer visits and increased revenue.   AdPortal takes what can be a very complex process and hides the complexity for the advertising customer resulting in a greater sales ratio than other self-service and conventional order entry systems.

 Recognized Leader in Self-Service Advertising

We are the leading provider of self-service obituaries; processing nearly 40% of the obits published in the United States. Our classified platform supports the 3 major categories along with general merchandise, all displayable in a search and display marketplace website. In the digital display space we’ve added support for HTML5, DFP Premium and the Trade Desk integrating it all into our e-commerce AdPortal platform.

 A Single Cloud-Based Order Entry System

All of these benefits are accomplished on a single hosted solution.  It is not unusual for iPublishmedia to replace multiple systems consolidating into a single cloud based order entry system.  Initially conceived of as a self-service platform AdPortal has evolved into a cloud based front end.   It is now used as the front end (call center) for obits in 125 markets and is being implemented by Hearst replacing both their self-service platform and their conventional front ends installed in the call centers.  Reduced support costs, easier software upgrades resulting in more up to date software being implemented, consolidation of all ad revenue through a single hosted front end including self-service is unique to iPublishmedia.  These are all benefits enjoyed by our customers year after year as they use our solution.

 Compelling ROI

In the last 9 years we have helped launch nearly 400 different urls that process hundreds of millions of dollars of ad revenue annually.  Our success is due to the compelling ROI our solution delivers which results on average in a 15% increase in revenue over the conventional order-entry system we replace. In addition, we streamline ad operations eliminating touches of the ads we process.  These two factors combined provide an ROI of more than 400% for our average customer.