NEWSCYCLE Solutions' Single sign-on allows a user to log into a media company’s website only once and have access to multiple systems without being prompted for separate usernames and passwords.

Newscycle SSO eliminates the need for media company customers to have and remember multiple logins and passwords. Customer satisfaction improves as a result of the streamlined SSO user interface experience. In addition, SSO is proven to increase a site’s compliance and security capabilities.

SSO also offers cost-saving benefits. Analysts like Gartner and Forrester report that password reset requests represent more than half of all calls to company help desks. SSO helps to reduce the time, expense and frustration involved in managing such requests.

  • NCS Circulation
  • NCS iServices

Must have an IDP that is either SAML, OpenID or DigitalPaymeter (Federated Auth)

Available SSO integration options with Newscycle Circulation:

  1. Full solution with Syncronex
  2. Service Provider, supporting OpenID with publisher selected IDP
  3. Service Provider, supporting SAML with publisher selected IDP
Pricing Terms & Conditions: 

Only a 10% recurring maintenance charge