STATS Sports Agate

STATS Sports Agate

Get the same trusted sports content used by major wire services in the ultimate plug-and-play format.

With over 30 years of industry experience, we have perfected our sports agate feed to comply with all ANPA formatting standards.

Continue receiving the same great statistical content without any changes to your current processes, saving both time and effort.

With numerous official league feeds and decades of real-time data collection efficiency, STATS can meet your print deadlines with the quickest turnaround times in the industry.

Agate Fixtures
For a complete list of STATS Sports Agate fixtures, click here.

Agate Fixtures
For a complete list of STATS Sports Agate fixtures, click here.

Technical Specifications:
There are two delivery methods available - FTP Push and FTP Pull.

FTP Push:

  • Client provides IP address where STATS pushes the files as they are created
  • Client also provides a username and password for the FTP location
  • Client grants STATS permission to create, rename and delete files in that location
      • While a file is being transferred STATS supplies a temporary file name (ex: NFL_GLANCE.FTPTMP)
      • Once the file is fully transferred, STATS deletes the file with the .XML extension (ex: NFL_GLANCE.TXT)
      • STATS then renames the temporary file to the .TXT extension
  • Client is responsible for maintaining local directory structure and disk space
  • If whitelisting by incoming IP, client will need to allow access from 12.168.134.*, 204.114.10*, and

FTP Pull:

  • Client uses URL ( with personalized username and password issued by STATS to pull files as necessary
  • For simpler pulling logic, clients can delete files after the client has copied the files to their own servers
  • If the client does not delete files after pulling them, then the following logic needs to be applied
      • Client should build logic to check for new files once every three to five minutes
      • Client should ONLY pull a file if it is a file that has NOT been pulled before and can check this by using the timestamp on the file
  • Any files left on the FTP Pull directory will be deleted after two days
Pricing Terms & Conditions: 

Daily Circulation / Agate Price (monthly)

  • Greater than 1 million / $10,000
  • Between 400k and 1 million / $5,000
  • Less than 400k / $1,250