On-site search discovery recommendations to engage your users

Encouraging users to consume more content on any device (desktop, tablet and mobile)

NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning algorithms to present optimized content based on crowd experience

Enriching your search results with contextually relevant content

Adding user friendly, contextual advertisement to monetize your traffic

Zoomd On-Site Search

Zoomd On-Site Search provides website visitors an engaging user experience to explore site content through search and discovery interface, simultaneously offering relevant sponsored content based on contextual recognition and user intent analysis.

The solution is based on a patented technology enabling efficient, fast, and accurate search functionality. Thanks to its Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities and Machine Learning algorithms, the Zoomd Platform analyzes the current context and while combining it with understanding user’s intent, it recommends the most relevant content.

The website will gain the following benefits:

  • Gaining additive revenues from monetized ads
  • Better users engagement
  • Improved user experience
  • Discovery and advanced search capabilities
  • Encouraging users to consume more content on any device (desktop, tablet and mobile)
  • Ability to promote specific content chosen by the publisher
On Site Search
On Site Search
Mobile Solution
Mobile Solution
Desktop Solution
Desktop Solution
Desktop Solution
Desktop Solution

Zoomd clients report an increase in page views, longer time on site, lower bounce rate and additive revenues from monetized ads.


Zoomd On-Site Search provides a new, unique real estate for monetization within your website.

Based on the NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning algorithms, the system processes the current context of the user, and matches it with the user’s intent explicitly expressed through search. By understanding the user intent as well as the current context, Zoomd Monetization Platform is able to deliver efficient monetization opportunities.

Zoomd Monetization Platform is connected to a wide variety of monetization tools, and per each impression it identifies the most efficient sponsored content to be offered to a user.

Thanks to the engaging user experience, contextual discovery and understanding specific user intents, Zoomd provides a new and efficient monetization opportunity for websites.

User Engagement

Zoomd Search features advanced search capabilities, such as spell checker, automatic hints and recommendations, results ranking, filter categories, etc.

The search is being performed instantaneously while users are typing their search queries.

The product offers highly customizable search configuration and content presentation, allowing to define the contents of the search index as well as the look and feel of each search result. This capability turns Zoomd into an editorial tool, letting websites to control the content being delivered via the search function.

In addition, the system allows to prioritize content based on flexible rules, such as promoting certain site sections or certain types of pages. The results ranking can be based on content popularity, dates or even custom requirements to address your website needs.

With its visual user experience, advanced search functionality and high flexibility Zoomd Search provides a user-friendly discovery and search functionality for your site visitors, increasing content visibility and user engagement.

Pricing Terms & Conditions: 

The solution is free of charge! Not only that...The publisher will also be gaining a new revenue stream from almost un-tapped inventory on a Revenue Share model..